Absolutely No Tangles

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Absolutely No Tangles
Welcome to our parlour

We have been located in the South Harrow for six years prior to that we were in the Harrow Weald area.

Not only do we clip to breed standard we also clip to owners requests. We understand that a pet dog does not always live the life style for a high maintenance show trim, saying that we do not believe that the pet dog should in any way receive an inferior trim to his show cousin.

It is our policy to always put the dogs needs first, and this is why we will always advise that a badly matted dog is shaved off as anything else is too painful for the dog, we wish to provide a pleasurable experience for all our customers canine and human alike. There is nothing nicer than a happy dog looking forward to their pamper session! Which has been inhanced with the opening of our new
Pet Spa Service.

We would ask that all owners ensure that there dogs have been taken to the toilet before they are brought to the grooming parlour, we accept accidents happen however these are reduced dramatically when the dogs have been given the opportunity to go before they are dropped off with us. This is also applicable to dogs being collected by us, if they mess in the car a cleaning fee will be imposed.

The weight limit of dogs which we groom is 30kg (4 1/2 stone).

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