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Services Provided

What does our grooming service mean to you and your dog?

When you first arrive at our parlour we will discuss with you pets coat:

  • the condition it is currently in
  • the life style your dog leads - it's not always pratical to have a high maintainace clip when your dog loves to go for miles in the woods, roll in the mud or is the next olympic swimmer.
  • how much time you actually have to spend grooming your dog

Next we discuss whether your dog has any special needs that we need to be aware of such as epilepsy or any other medical conditions, if he is a rescuse dog or has had a bad experience being groomed previously, even things like being attacked by another dog in the park or being in a road traffic accident can affect how you dog behaves when he is groomed, so we try to gather as much informationn about him as possible so that we can provide the best service possible.
Once your dogs history and the type of clip has been established your dog is brought into the parlour, if he is at all nervious we give him time to sit and watch. We find that this helps calm them down, as we tend to talk to him but not do anything for at least half an hour, so that in this time he has taken in this new enviroment and been able to process himself that it is not a scary place.

Time to begin the grooming proceedure:

  • Your dog will be throughly brushed out or if he is having his coat taken off (then he will not be put through being brushed) it will taken straight off.
  • Your dogs nails will be checked and if they need to be trimmed then they will be clipped.
  • If your dog is the type that has hair growing in his ears, then this will be removed.
  • Your dog is now ready for his bath - depending on whether you opt for regular bath or Spa treatment determines what happens next.
  • Your dog is thoughtlly washed and if spa treatment has been requested it will be carried out now
  • Next your dog is dried, many breeds require that they are fluff dried which is done to provide the best possible finish.
  • Now your dog is ready to be clipped to either breed or your standard.

In Addition:

We provide a service where if your dog only needs his
nails clipping, you can pop in anytime and we will do this for only 5.00

We also provide a service where we will
trim the face, we would ask that you phone and arrange a time to come in for this as at busy times you may have to wait. This is a free service to our reqular customers (dogs which are groomed every 8 weeks or less) otherwise it is 5.00- 7.00 depending on size and condition of the dog.

Value for Money?
We like to think so!

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