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1.. How soon should I have my puppy groomed?

For many breeds of dogs the grooming procedure is part of their life, and therefore we try to encourage owners to bring the puppies to the parlour as young as possible. Yes we know that most breeds can not be clipped until their coats change however that is such a small part of the whole procedure that the dogs who are left until they are a year to two years old tend to be over- whelmed by the whole event, they become scared as there is so much to deal with in one visit especially if their coat is not in good condition or they are not used to being handled. To us the most important thing with a puppy is gaining their trust not turning them out to the highest standard, turn out will come in time but trust is fragile.

2.. My rescuse dog is nervous, will he be okay to be groomed?

As with a puppy rescue dogs require boundaries and leadership, which in turn will provide them with confidence. We have a vast experience of dealing with rescue dogs many of which have been badly abused one of which was our boxer who we sadly lost to cancer last year, after ten fun filled years.

3.. What products do you use?

We do not use any products that chemicals in them... everything we use is natural, this includes our Spa range.

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