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Pet Spa

Absolutely No Tangles Pet Spa

just like Harrods our pet Spa has been created with your pets well-being in mind, we are using the same products but at a fraction of the price. Your precious pet will be groomed and pampered to their individual needs, as with all animals which come through our door reiki massage is used to calm and relax, this has always been a complementary part of the grooming procedure.

These treatments take between half an hour and half a day day to carry out. For most dogs this will be a new experience therefore it may take a little longer as they might need some time to relax therefore we will be conservative on the timings for collection.

The optional treatments are:

The bath includes a full brush out which will remove all dead hair and any tangles, as massage while being bathed in a shampoo of your choice. Then to get that just groomed looked fluffed dried, with a fresh smelling cologne being applied to maintain the fresh smell for longer.

Deep cleanse Facials

This treatment is very good at dealing with the heavy staining around the eyes and mouth, we cannot guarantee to remove it all in one sitting but what we can say is you will see is a marked improvement, and in addition the blueberry and vanilla leaves a fresh clean smell.

Paw Conditioning

As with all good pedicures the nails will be clipped and filed into shape, the feet will then be soaked in a relaxing bubble bath to sooth, soften and condition the foot. Finally any long hair will be trimmed so a neat foot is the final effect.

Fresh Breath
Works naturally to help reduce plaque and tartar, it kills the germs that cause bad breath plaque and gingivitis and also soothes minor gum irritations.

Full day Pamper experience

You can treat your pet to the full pamper experience where they have all the above treatments but you only have to pay for three of them as we provide the facial for free. Your pride and joy will leave the parlour with a bounce in their step looking and feeling like a new dog.

The Price List

Bath and massage 5.00-10.00 + grooming fee

Deep Clean facial 5.00-10.00

Paw conditioning 5.00- 7.00

Fresh Breath 5.00

Full day pamper 15.00-25.00 + grooming fee

We offer a loyalty scheme for our Spa customers where by every fourth booking receives a 20% discount, also if you introduce a friend we will provide both dogs with a free paw conditioning or fresh breath treatment.

To book please call 02084224188

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